Thursday, April 26, 2012

C2E2 Notes


Marvel spot shot. 

Stormtrooper action at the CBR BAR afterwards was predictable. 

DC display of the new Parasite for Superman to face at a panel discussion. Sweet swag  for good questions was present. Candy from strangers was taken. True Love in the Room.

Entranceway of the Dorked 

I've never met these people, nor should I. 

Marvel Panel, too much talent at one dais. Breaking into comics the Marvel Way. Always a classic for surly Q &A's.  Quesada quoted who he believed to be Mark Waid who said that there are no two ways to break into comics that are the same.  It takes you making comics of your own and linking into their social network.  How you go about that is wholly unique, because you are a creator collaborating for an alternate universe, a cathartic dimension of complex characters. 

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