Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaiman and McFarlane have reached a settlement in their decade-old Spawn copyright lawsuit

The Washington Post noted it here.

Todd McFarlane has gone on record as the most egotistical trash to emerge from the 1990's comic "boom"... rather a businessman more than a standard industry "grunt"...a glory hog and foolish. He got sued for using a Canadian hockey player's name in his Spawn series as a mafia stereotype. Todd McFarlane's a rich jerk.

Neil Gaiman exists as one of the most diverse and interesting writers to emerge from the more independently oriented version of that same industry "boom", and stands by the idea, rather unlike McFarlane, that writers and artists, regardless of ego, split down the middle any rights on any character created in the course of a given series, if said series is driven by the credo of "creator's rights". Neil Gaiman, also no doubt rich, is one of the nicest people working in the industry.

I am pleased that the matter is over, and hope that both parties know better than to ever deal with each other again.

Monday, January 23, 2012

One-line reviews of the New 52

Action Comics presents a new take on Superman, fighting corruption in a darker than usual fashion.

Animal Man draws on aspects of Swamp Thing, with fantastic art and a compelling storyline.

Batman and Robin provides us with an expansion of the troubled relationship between Batman and his newly introduced son Damian.

Demon Knights offers bloody violence in the Dark Ages, with an ensemble cast of characters.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. is that perfect fusion of superheroics and monsters you never knew you were missing.

Sinestro schools Hal Jordan in the new Green Lantern series.

DC seems determined to prove Aquaman is some sort of badass, as evidenced in the new JLA.

Justice League Dark calls together all the occult heroes to fight magical threats.

The  (soon to be cancelled) Mister Terrific series was a surprising pleasure to read.

Jack Hawksmoor, the King of Cities, consults with Paris, Metropolis and Gotham in the new Stormwatch series.

Villains fighting for redemption take the stage in the new Suicide Squad.

Swamp Thing may prove to be the most important series emerging in the New 52.