Friday, March 8, 2013

DC New 52 Dark and Intriguing Titles, Projections


The real trick of introducing old characters as new in a parallel universe is to find a new world mythology to alert the reader to the primacy of the plot. Earth 2 does this, to an extent, and best serves when it breaks away from tropes of the DCU. Art is fantastic, and while we get scant traces of backstory, that isn't what drives a title such as this. Origins wrapping up, the next phase is establishing more world boundaries. Likely what will come of the world is we'll see more cross-pollination (or the illusion of such) and the introductions of new/old villains with their own spin.


The establishment of the New 52 Universe left a few interesting continuity gaps or contexts, not the least of which are centered in the Green Lantern mythos. The larger brush-strokes of the content can be secured in Geoff John's legacy in the series, and with the latest rush of removing Hal Jordan from his standard duties or adventures, we see the man actually confronting death, while his erstwhile proxy of Muslim heritage attempts to grapple with the intersection of their will and destiny. A new standard of art for Doug Mankhe's work seems to have taken root in the Green Lantern series, which is welcome and fitting. The stories have a flow, a richness given by the layouts.  One cosmic catastrophe after another may become tiresome for the average reader. No breathers, even in death.


The retrofitting of the Alec Holland story into his role as Avatar of the Green climaxes with the death of his true love, the Avatar of the Rot. The weaving of storylines that brought us to this point had our green champion cross over the retrofitting of Animal Man, the Avatar of the Red.  What comes next will likely be a let-down after so much development, jump scares, and the occasional resurrection, There can be a stronger development in the relation of the different arenas of existence, and that could be what is to come. 

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