Monday, February 13, 2012

Twitter has Exploded over Before Watchmen

Carefully examined by numerous industry professionals, the events after the announcement of DC producing a series of prequel comics based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen.

Some artists did not want to get the press that would hit them over this.  It's an intimidating project on several fronts. Back when Watchmen hit the scene, it acheived, loosely speaking, status as a type of Bible amongst geeks. A little later Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series filled the role of Shakespeare.  Remember Brave New World? Anyway.

The twitterverse has an intricate and closely monitored network of comic book industry professionals, and each one chimed in at some point on the issue. Fans emotional range was disgusted to apathetic to vaguely interested.  The joke of course being that they hand picked some very fine comic professionals to do the job, people who have credible resumes with various big project accomplishments. They are close to legends in some cases, like the riddle-monger of 100 Bullets fame, Brian Azzarello, and in other departments we have the accomplished Jae Lee and early era DC revisionist Darwyn Cooke.

All of this is of course par for the course when it comes to Alan Moore, a pioneer of the industry.

Moore ultimately seeks to advance comic books along the lines of literature, akin to but much more intense than his once-Miracleman-co-writer Neil Gaiman to infuse and mature comic books as a whole.  Moore seeks to advance the medium from his place of power in Northampton.  What he refers to as draconian contracts were in fact standard boiler plate for comics professionals for some time.

He was smart enough to build beautiful work after his runs with Mainstream professionals.

He's refined like a bottle of wine in a gentlemen's club cellar in London.

We'll just see how the whole thing turns out, eh?

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