Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Linked Afterword concerning Marvel

We'll be dealing with the repercussions of Fear Itself for a year at most. Characters will receive new haircuts... and Bucky, who shouldn't have been alive to begin with, will be resurrected through a series of contrivances. Paris will be repopulated with migrants from Israel or something. Ever notice there are no Israeli mutants?  Or Palestinian mutants. Or are there? And if so, what would their respective powers be? I mean, the possibilities are... um...  I should stop.  But the question bears analysis, given that the inception of comicdom, at least the mainstream superhero style, is almost exclusively an American Phenomenon. 

Let me get this straight though. . .

Are all comic books produced by Marvel required by some comic code to contain at least 10% Wolverine? Seriously.

He can't die of physical injury, sure. Except that time he did

But can he die of overexposure?


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